Adding a New User to MySQL

Whenever you boot up a service like MySQL which has a root user, it's best practice to create users for your specific needs that are limited by security and scope. In the case of running a WordPress or similar MySQL based application, it's best to limit the user to a specific database.

We begin by loading the MySQL CLI.

mysql -u root -p

We then create the new user. If you haven't created the database yet, now would be an excellent time.

CREATE USER 'wordpress_admin'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'someCOMPLEXpassword';

Note that we want to limit the user's scope to just localhost such that even if we were to open the server's ports, the user would not be able to logon remotely.

We then grant privileges to the user to access our specific database.

GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON wordpress_database.* TO 'wordpress_admin'@'localhost';

If you ever need to remove the user, you may do so with the following DROP command.

DROP USER 'wordpress_admin'@'localhost';
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