Building an Offline Indicator in Blazor

If you’re building a Progressive Web Application (PWA), chances are you’ll want to show the Online/Offline status of the browser to help keep the user informed. Fortunately, there is an incredibly simple Browser API for accessing this data! This article discusses how we’ll integrate the javascript API into a simple Blazor component. This article assumes […]

Method for Dependency Injected HttpClient Service Access

The inevitability of most Blazor applications is the use of HttpClient to reach out to API endpoints. Many times, these endpoints are contained within the solution, but they may be external as well. Without much effort, this necessity quickly turns into a rats nest of initialization code in razor code with hardcoded strings for each […]

Petl: Developer Friendly, Testable View Storage in Sitecore

As the timescale for Sitecore’s built-in indexing reached multitudes of hours rather than minutes, it was time to come up with a new solution. We still needed some of what SOLR was providing in terms of searching by term, but only for back office processes. For the storefront, we were using SOLR more as a […]